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TVDidiotism 6x02


  • I find it offensive that this show is trying to tell me that Elena handled the death of her parents, brother and one of her closest friends better than the death of her boyfriend. They’re actually telling us she can be sad about Bonnie, someone who’s been in her life for as long as she can remember, because that’s the sadness she can handle, whereas allowing herself to be sad about Damon would break her, a guy she knows for three years at most, a with whom she’s been in a relationship with several months tops? Because she saw a forever with him? I don’t care that you’re a vampire, you haven’t lived for more than a century, you have no idea what forever is. You’re still an 18 year old girl who’s deluding herself with the idea of forever, just like a year ago she was deluding herself with the idea of always when it came to Stefan. Elena’s character probably has the most degradation in a history of television, and all at the cost of building a badly written relationship.
  • As if that’s not enough, as if she’s not tearing herself down enough with her silly ideas, the way other characters treat her is horrifying as well. Alaric taking her memories away is not the right solution to her problems and he should have known better. Also, if they use this scenario to “re-build” the love triangle, they will be using worse means to do it than when they tore it down by sire bond. 
  • Elena can basically evict Damon out of her memory so she can preserve her emotional and mental health without judgment, but Stefan can’t move on after following a bunch of dead end leads to preserve his?
  • I don’t blame Caroline for wanting to find Stefan, see him, talk to him. She lost Bonnie, Elena has been acting weird, and Stefan bailed on her, leaving her basically all alone. He is her best friend, and it’s obvious that she has some deeper feelings for him, and he wouldn’t even return her calls. I’m not saying Stefan did right by doing so. I do think, though, that he’s allowed to handle his grief however he chooses to, and if distancing himself from place/people that remind him of his brother is his choice, then he’s allowed to do so. On the other hand, he could have picked up the phone, answered one of Caroline’s calls, and told her he needs time.
  • What’s Enzo’s deal, though? Who is he? Why is he even there? Go home, Enzo. He knows nothing about Stefan. Two years he spent with Damon in torture doesn’t make him an expert on all things Damon, or the relationship he has with Stefan. Stefan already went through all the leads they have, and he had hit a wall. He was met with realization that he can’t save his brother. Not this time. Have you been paying attention? Stefan always saves Damon. Now he can, now it seems like he lost him forever. And unlike Elena, Stefan knows what forever means. He’s being judged and punished for dealing with this situation in a normal and healthy way. Enzo had no right to say any of those things to him, especially not the words Damon took back long time ago, because he himself realized the wrongness in them.
  • And finally, the necklace scene. I’m not going to deny that that season changed the relationship between Damon and Elena. I’m not going to deny that that summer must have brought the two of them together closer to each other. But you’re trying to tell me that that scene lit a spark between Damon and Elena? You’re just pulling things right out of your ass as you go, right? Because if you weren’t doing so, if you actually knew, three seasons ago, that that’s the moment Elena loved Damon, you would have foreshadowed it. But nothing in Elena’s movement or expression in that scene shows that. You know how she seems? Uncomfortable. Heartbroken. Tired. She doesn’t look like she just realized she might love the man standing in front of her. She does look grateful for him returning her something that symbolizes her relationship with Stefan, which is evident later in the episode, how she clings to it after Damon yells at her to give up on Stefan (which is ironic when you think of what Enzo told Stefan, that brothers don’t give up on each other. Damon followed Stefan, he knew where he is, and what he’s doing, but he thought he’s too far gone so he didn’t even bother. He probably wouldn’t have moved his ass in Stefan’s direction if Elena haven’t decided to move hers). Season 3 in its entirety, and it the way it ended, showed that the attraction Elena felt for Damon, and the idea of being with him, couldn’t possibly top what she already feels for Stefan. 


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- Amy. Please. Just come back into the TARDIS, Come along, Pond. Please.
- Raggedy Man, goodbye.



but I swore I’d never lie to you.


just who are you, Swan?



you can break my soul,
take my life away, 
hurt me, 
kill me. 

but for the love of god
don’t touch him.

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